Campus DOW Exhibit

We will be exhibiting the Doppler on Wheels on the sidewalk east of the William Browning Building on Thursday, Nov 9, from 11–3.  That's tomorrow as I write this on Wednesday afternoon.  Stop by and have a look.

Here's a preview, although we will have the video monitors loaded with radar animations of data collected from the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, tornadoes in Kansas and Wyoming, and lake-effect storms on Lake Ontario.

November Doldrums

One of the great things about the central Wasatch is that they get snow from a great variety of patterns.  Unfortunately, the pattern we'll be in for the next week (and maybe longer) isn't one of them. 

For the next week, the northwest US will be active, but we're just to the south of the strong flow and moisture for much of the period.  Thus, we may get some brush by clouds and snow showers, but that's about it. The GFS forecast below shows the action in the northwest, but not a hint of precipitation over all but the far north of Utah. 

Is there hope in the ensembles?  Not really.  Most members generate an inch or less of snow for Alta-Collins.  A few go for more than that.  If a trough zipping through the jet can strengthen some, maybe that wetter member can verify, but I'm not optimistic. 

The November doldrums are here.  A good period perhaps to go to southern Utah for late fall adventuring, or the Tetons, where the snowpack looks pretty good for November.  Twelve inches of snowpack water equivalent at the Grand Targhee SNOTEL is more than double the median for this time of year.